FURY has increased in the public sector after the government decided to uphold the pay cap.

On Wednesday Conservative and DUP MPs voted down a Labour amendment to the Queen's Speech calling for a one per cent annual pay cap for the public sector to be lifted.

The vote passed by a slim majority of 14, continuing a seven year policy and inciting an upsurge of anger from nurses and fire fighters.

Julie Lewers, senior officer for the Royal College of Nurses in Berkshire, spoke about the impact then chancellor George Osborne's policy has had on her profession and colleagues.

"On Tuesday I spoke to a nurse who has three kids and she just about manages to feed them every month, but then there's nothing left in her salary," she explained.

"I also met a 52 year-old nurse who has to go to her parents each month asking for a loan. I would like Phillip Lee to explain why she has to do that.

"If the pay cap was lifted it wouldn't be like this. These nurses would be able to buy a house. They wouldn't have to go to their parents. It would have a big impact.

"Nurse's pay has fallen behind by 14 per cent in the last seven years. The pay isn't keeping up with the cost of living. Phillip Lee needs to listen to us."

Since the vote, a group of Conservative rebels marched on Downing Street demanding the cap be lifted. The Sun reported the prime minister Theresa May and chancellor Phillip Hammond will revise the policy.

If they do, the ire felt by fire fighters such as one working in Bracknell, who wished to remain anonymous, may dissipate. 

He said: "As a local firefighter I find it completely disgusting that our own MP can vote against lifting the public sector pay cap. Isn't Dr Phillip Lee supposed to be supporting his constituents as an elected public servant?

"It is a completely disgusting action from him and one which goes against the very fabric of this town. Where would Bracknell be without its public services?"

Dr Lee, who voted against lifting the cap, is currently on paternity leave.

On June 20 the MP's wife Catherine gave birth to second child Juliet Isabelle Anne at the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Hospital.

Juliet weighed 6lbs and 10oz.