A FIVE year-old Bracknell resident is set to become the new face of specialist milk when she is plastered across one million cartons.

Ella Love and her brother Henry are intolerant to the protein in cows milk, causing them significant discomfort.

Since switching to goats' milk and other goat products however, they say they feel a lot better.

With the help of mum Hannah the siblings wrote to their favourite goats' milk manufacturers, St Helen’s Farm, who realised Ella was the perfect poster child for the brand.

Mrs Love, who works as a Child Sleep Specialist with a background in Paediatric Nursing and Nutritional Therapy, said: “I recommend St Helen’s Farm goats' milk on a regular basis and have probably swapped over 100 children and toddlers onto goat products.

“Baby goats are a similar size to human babies and goats’ milk is much closer to the make up of human breast milk than cows’ milk.

“I really believe in the benefits of goats' dairy and am delighted that Ella is appearing as the latest carton star for St Helen’s Farm.”

St Helen’s Farm showcases a different customer from across the country on its cartons every four to six weeks.