A BULLET from the Second World War unearthed in Bracknell is being sent back home to Minnesota as a gift.

The historic object, made at Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant Minnesota in 1943, was discovered in 2013 at Tally Ho Farm equine centre, Winkfield.

For 70 years the bullet was buried nose down in an ancient oak tree at the farm after an American B17 Flying Fortress crash landed at the small RAF Winkfield on October 14, 1943.

Bracknell News:

Hugh Gibbons, Co-ordinator and Park Ranger at Tally Ho Farm, said: “I always wanted one of the bullets to go home.

“Ramsey County have a magnificent 60-ton statue called Vision of Peace on public display, so our tiny piece of art will help compliment this and be an extra conversation piece about humanity.”

The American aircraft was limping back the historic Second Schweinfurt Raid, known as Black Thursday, when the plane over-ran and burned out in a field at Tally Ho.

The piece of history, known as ‘Image of Peace’, will now make the 4,000 mile journey home as a gift to the half-million population of Ramsey County, Minnesota.

Following Hugh’s discovery he renamed the debris site Thanksgiving Field and fenced off an area behind the barn as a tiny park to celebrate the hidden heroes in families and communities who help life recover after conflict.

Deputy Manager of Ramsey County Heather Worthington took time out from a vacation in the UK to collect the piece of history from the farm.

Ms Worthington said: “It’s a great delight to take charge of Image of Peace, and I’d like to thank Hugh and Tally Ho for all the thoughtfulness that’s gone into Thanksgiving Field and its tiny park.”

In turn Ms Worthington buried two bullets brought from the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant by the park’s trees.