CHILDREN in Warfield were given a thorough lesson in the identifying, capturing and detaining of criminals when the police turned up at the school in one of their vans.

The day of crime fighting began when one of the teachers at Meadowbrook School was spotted on CCTV in incriminating circumstances - stealing the police officers doughnuts.

Much to the pupils’ delight the teacher was arrested, handcuffed and led away to feel the effects of the long arm of the law.

Year 2 teacher, Sarah Warner, said: “Children not only had the chance to see how criminals in the local area might be treated; they also learnt that Bracknell Forest has one of the lowest crime rates in England.

“They learnt more about how police officers and Police Community Support Officers help the local community and what citizens can do if they witness or suspect a crime has happened in their area.”

The session ended when the children were rounded up and detained in the back of a police van, with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Luckily, they were released with no formal caution.