A POLICE officer will face a misconduct hearing over allegations he racially abused a colleague.

It is alleged detective sergeant Andrew Mottau breached the standards of professional behaviour between August 15 and September 16 last year.

He allegedly placed a black toy monkey on the female member of staff’s desk before saying: “When the black monkey sings it is your turn to make the tea.”

He is also accused to have then refused or allowed her to move the black monkey before making various racist, inappropriate or disrespectful comments.

On more than one occasion the Thames Valley Police officer is said to have told her she should embrace the black monkey.

A spokesman for the force said: “The facts of misconduct are that on or about August 15 he placed or caused to be placed a black toy monkey on the desk of a black female member of staff, saying words to the effect of 'when the black monkey sings it is your turn to make the tea'.

“He refused to allow her to move the black monkey, and made various comments to her of a racist, inappropriate and disrespectful nature by reference to the black monkey.

“These included on more than one occasion, saying to her that as she had the black monkey it was her time to make the tea and/or indicating that he wanted her to make him a drink and on a further occasion asking her if she would like to embrace the black monkey.”

It is alleged that the conduct amounts to gross misconduct.

The misconduct hearing will take place at Thames Valley Police’s headquarters in Kidlington, Oxford over the week commencing April 24.