A 'DREAM' has become a reality for pupils at a Warfield primary - after the school got its very own bus.

Meadowbrook School pupils were delighted when they finally realised their ambition of ownng their own 17 seater.

The parents and children really got behind the ‘Friends of Meadowbrook‘ parent association fund raising campaign and pulled out all the stops.

Some of the activities that the Friends of Meadowbrook team organized were jars filled with organic raisins, with a poem attached, inviting children to fill with silver coins and return them to school.

The children sold ice creams after school, held an end of term garden party selling refreshments, cakes, pre-loved books, games, toys and uniforms.

They also made treasure envelopes that they then sold, they painted flower pots that were filled with plants and sold to parents.

There was even a sponsored head shave by Sas Huntwood, one of the mums.

Other activities included a Christmas card project; a Christmas pudding sale (as supplied to Fortnum and Mason) and many, many more activities such as Christmas fayre, pantomime tickets, birthday calendar sales and Christmas lunches.

Headteacher Serena Gunn said:"I’m so delighted we have finally got our own school bus. We will now be able to take our children out on even more trips spontaneously as well as planned excursions such as the weekly swimming lessons. The teachers have so many ideas that we've even had to make a rota so that each class gets its turn!"