‘ONGOING difficulties’ was cited as the reason for the shock resignation of a Conservative councillor.

Chris Singleton resigned last week over difficulties with two ward members.

He said: “It’s a great shame. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the council.

"I have had fantastic support from the officers and the rest of the Conservative group.”

The resignation comes weeks after the resignation of Gary Cowan, who described his last few months on the council as ‘very difficult and distressing’.

Ullakarin Clark, former mayor and councillor for Emmbrook, said: “I am not aware of ongoing difficulties between him and us. It comes as a surprise to us that he resigned.

"He has not been very active in the last couple of years and we decided that the ward would be better served by somebody who lived in the ward.”

Mr Singleton was up against one other candidate when standing to be re-elected, but withdrew at the start of the selection meeting.

Cllr Ullakarin Clark added: “We expected him to stay until 2018 and continue the good job he has done on the council. I’m lost for words. I think it was a shock to all of our colleagues.”

Liberal Democrat Cllr, Lindsay Ferris, saw the resignation coming and was not surprised.

He said: “I was on the planning committee with Chris for three years. He is a fairly quiet person, very diligent.

"The issue goes back a few years I believe. In 2013, Ullakarin Clark, she was mayor of the borough and for one of the years, Chris was deputy.

"We were sat in the council chamber and it got to the next mayor. She did not mention Chris or thank him.

“I have noticed that Chris has not been happy for the last two council meetings. He looked fed up. It does not surprise me in the slightest.”