A CROWTHORNE couple have been left struggling with a leaky boiler for the last two months and say their cries for help to their landlord have been ignored.

Pete Watson, 71, and Pam Atrill, 64, of Palgrave House, Cambridge Road in Crowthorne have been facing a daily battle against their hot water tank after it started leaking on July 5.

The couple say nothing has been done to fix the problem by their housing association A2Dominion despite repeated phone calls with their customer services team.

Pam said: “On July 5, our boiler started leaking so we contacted A2Dominion, who sent out a plumber and we were told we would have a new boiler by August 31.

“On Sunday, July 17, I walked past the airing cupboard where the boiler is and my feet were saturated as the carpets were so sodden with water.

“We called an emergency plumber who came out and he said it couldn’t be left in the state it was.

“He rung his boss and we were told a new boiler would be fitted by the following Wednesday at the latest, but that didn’t happen.”

She went on: “Pete is 71 and he has been on his hands and knees every single day wringing out towels we are using to clean up the mess.

“The housing association know this as I have been ringing them and ringing them and this is not good enough.

“When we went on holiday we were forced to get our 68-year-old neighbour to come round and mop the water up for us.

“When we came back, we arranged for someone to come out on July 30 but then were told at the last minute the company had another emergency.

“I got really irate and said to them, is our situation not an emergency?”

Eventually the couple were assured the problem would be fixed by Monday [September 5] but it was not.

Martyn Mumford, Assistant Director of Property Services at A2Dominion said: “We know that it is unacceptable that our residents have had to wait this long for a repair. We are able to resolve the vast majority of repairs within a reasonable amount of time.

“Our priority now is to fix a new date for the necessary work to be carried out. We will also be taking this through our complaints procedure to ensure we can prevent delays like this in the future and ensure the best outcome for our residents.”