A 'manipulative and calculating' 18-year-old has been jailed for 17 years after the attempted murder of two schoolgirls at a Bracknell home earlier this year.

An emotionless Callum Stroomer listened as he was branded a 'high risk of serious harm' to children and members of the public at his sentencing for attempted murder last Friday (October 23).

His extended 17 year sentence includes a three and a half year jail term for a string of sexual offences committed against a further two young girls in 2014, including two counts of rape, which he admitted in May.

However his defence claimed Stroomer's violent behaviour towards the girls, who cannot be named, were the result of his struggle to confront his homosexuality, which he had now accepted.

At the sentencing in Reading Crown Court, Judge John Reddihough summarised how Stroomer, of Dee Road in Tilehurst, launched a violent attack on two-15-year old friends with a kitchen knife on March 1 after being repeatedly begged to leave the house they were in.

Both girls were left with life-changing injuries and one left fighting for her life after suffering severe stab wounds to her back.

Dismissing claims he acted in self defence after the girls first became aggressive towards him, a jury found Stroomer guilty of two counts of attempted murder following a two week trial at the same court in September.

A psychiatric report conducted on October 13 found Stroomer showed 'no victim empathy or remorse' and that he presents a future risk of harm to others.

Judge Reddihough said: "The defendant stands convicted of very serious sexual and violent offences, the latter attempted murder being committed in the most brutal manner.

"There can be no doubt that in relation to the sexual offences the defendant acted in a manipulative and calculating manner.

"When reading the victim statements it is clear the impact your crimes have had on their lives and the lives of their families."

Stroomer was also issued an indefinite sexual harm prevention order and lifetime on the sexual offenders register.