But as with any story to do with vehicles in the modern age there’s a sizeable “if” attached, and that’s the question of whether you can secure the sort of deal likely to deliver full potential on a concept which can claim to be breaking the mould.

Anything motor-driven from Nissan is generally of significant interest, and particularly where it’s intended to make a splash in a dynamic sector, and for that reason alone the new Nissan Qashqai 2015 facelift model is certainly worth a closer look.

It aims to fill a slot that’s roughly equidistant between a conventional hatchback, a people carrier and a 4X4, and - many would agree - manages to pull off this arguably difficult combination of roles with considerable aplomb.

The Qashqai, available with four wheel drive with some models, is roomy enough to suit a family, but despite having the plus points of the old-style 4X4 (elevated driving position, loads of storage) doesn’t have that “Chelsea Tractor” bulk that used to make the big machines of yore so difficult to manoeuvre and tricky to park. David Trattles, managing director of car-cost.com is enthusiastic about its ability to appeal to the sort of customer who is looking for the essential elements of the 4X4 at a price that’s in line with modern economic reality - and argues it really is possible to snap up such a machine at a convincing price.

This in turn means a deal which is about service reliability and resale value as much as bottom line price, a formula it’s definitely worth taking time to achieve.

He says: “Nissan is a blue chip Japanese manufacturer, with a name built on solid reliability and great road handling - and of course it has a first class manufacturing facility in Sunderland, which from recent reports appears to be gearing up for some genuine design breakthroughs involving another giant name, Renault.

“Electric models like the Leaf are raising eyebrows in design circles, and it’s thought battery power could be the ‘next big thing’ from a brand which continually pumps massive resources into next-generation development.” This determination to embrace innovation, but allied with the no-nonsense of a design that’s as ruggedly dependable as that old battle-winning tank, the T-34, has evidently allowed the company to take major evolutions in consumer needs in its stride - the Qashqai is possibly a great example of this inspired but deeply pragmatic approach. car-cost.com reckons it can supply that other vital component to the equation, namely the sort of purchase deal which will make the real difference in terms of value.

It stresses that it doesn’t interfere with the relationship between customer and dealer, but instead shops around to find the main dealer who can supply the desired item at its special discounted price - a “no middle men” guarantee that aims to drive sales by max-ing up the value equation.

David Trattles says some of the most eyecatching deals are on family cars such as the Micra, while the Qashquai - one he’s happy to flag up - is seen as a value-for-money front runner that offers impressive bang for its bucks. Dealers approved by car-cost.com can also supply the complete panoply of Nissan finance packages, and there’s the added inducement of an enquiry format which aims to neatly tailor personal choice to suit an array of advantageous terms - all of which, inevitably, aims to drive sales at a time when the motor sales industry is just starting to get back into something like its former momentum.

So worth checking out on all fronts, perhaps, at a time when innovation is being consciously matched to market-sensitive and increasingly demanding expectations on pricing.