A SUPERMARKET was evacuated after a lorry re-surfacing the car park caught fire.

The lorry contained potentially explosive propane cylinders, so shoppers and staff had to leave the 24-hour Tesco store at The Meadows in Sandhurst when the fire broke out at 10.30pm yesterday (Monday).

The lorry, which was stripping up the car park surfacing for the top to be redone, had been quite near to the store but the driver managed to move it about 20-30m away.

Firefighters from Camberley, Bracknell and Crowthorne monitored the cylinders using thermal imaging equipment to check when it was safer to approach them.

The store was evacuated for an hour and a half and firefighters were at the scene for two and a quarter hours.

No one is thought to have been injured and it did not seem that cars parked in the supermarket were damaged.

The cause of the fire is not yet known but it is not thought to be suspicious.

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