THE comedian and national TV and radio star has had a busy year so far, setting off on a new nationwide tour to celebrate his 30 years in comedy. 

He brings his show The Joy of Mincing, to Reading on October 27 after adding 20 new dates to the sell-out appearances across the UK as a celebration of his time on the comedy circuit.

The show is a ‘declaration of the joy of life’, according to the comic and children’s book author.  So, why the unusual title?  Julian said: “I always like to get ‘mincing’ into the title. We’ve had Lord of the Mince; Natural Born Mincer; and Mincing Machine was my first tour in 1989.

“I suppose mincing, apart from being a means of walking around, is a way of life. The Joy of Mincing is a declaration of the joy of life despite disapproval, perhaps.

Known for his outrageous and rude take on life when up on stage, his new show promised more of what Julian has become well-known and loved for.  “I haven’t toned it down. It’s the one time you can let rip a bit, on stage,” he said.  “I don’t want to be filthy for the sake of it, but I think it’s a comic device.

“You just exaggerate who you really are on stage. I’m quite fond of moments of vulgarity.”

Julian adds that comedy has changed beyond all recognition since he first started out, moving on from an eclectic selection of people in small rooms above pubs in the 1980s when comedy was a reaction against the right-wing men in bow-ties providing the light entertainment.  He’s also not a fan of modern TV panel shows, saying: “I can’t stand them. They take about five and a half hours to record and often in a rather aggressive atmosphere.

“Not my idea of a fun evening. And hardly gripping viewing after the edit either, in my opinion. I prefer Crimewatch.”

So, best to catch him live on stage at the Reading Concert Hall this October.

Box Office 0118 960 6060.