ONE amateur group is gearing up for its first ever panto....oh yes they are!

Tilehurst Amatuer Dramatic Society was set up in February 2014 after founders Roger and Pauline had been in various amdram groups over the years.

Pauline said: “We wanted to give an opportunity to anyone who had always thought about having a go at Amdram but felt they wouldn't fit into long established groups. Our membership continues to consist of newcomers to the world of Amdram which makes for a very lively and keen group.”

Since they formed TADS has performed eight productions. Last year they did a murder-mystery play – Pantomurder and with everyone enjoying the panto element of it so much they decided to give the real thing a go this year.

This year they will put on The Frog Princess, by Trevor Suthers with original songs by Paul O'Neill.

Pauline added: “We didn’t want a “traditional” Panto and The Frog Princess ideally suited our ethos of trying new things perfectly. It is amazing how things then just seemed to fall into place.

“Amongst our TADS members, we discovered we had several talented singers . For scenery we had a fantastic artist with many others who were keen to help.

“One of our new members was a skilled dressmaker so we have some wonderful costumes with others helping as well. All that was left was the music and a local secondary school music teacher volunteered to be our Musical Director.

So start off your Christmas celebrations by coming and meeting our lovely Frog (ribbit ribbit) who helps Bumpkin and Numbskull ( not the brightest) seek their fame and fortune.

There is a Beautiful Princess (Ahh) who has a Nasty Step Sister (boo) along with her mother, the Evil Queen (boo boo). There’s Laces, who works at the Palace and is in love (ah). Of course there’s a Witch who is sometimes nice and sometimes horrible (ahh/boo) along with a Talking Mirror (what else!) and the two Guards, who don’t have a lot to say.

Follow their exploits and see how it ends (happily of course).

Performances on Friday 4 December at 7.30 p.m. and Saturday 5th December at 3.00 p.m. and 7.30 pm. Tickets £7.50/£6.00 (4-16 and over 60s) and ALL tickets for Matinee are £6.00 (4+ years),

For tickets and more information visit or call 0118 942 9984 or 07504315015.0118 942 9984