IT IS not often that you feel in the audience as though you are in complete control of what is happening on stage. 

But that is what it will be like were you to go and see DJ Beardyman at The Concert Hall in Reading on October 23.

A musical mastermind and online sensation, Beardyman uses a collaborative creative process, gathering song titles and genres from audience suggestions and turning them into a uniquely stylised album produced live in front of their very eyes.

The DJ, who has worked with guest “producers” including Jack Black, Tim Minchin and Daniel Sloss as well as Fatboy Slim on Eat Sleep Rave Repeat, uses his custom built music production kit which allows him to improvise. 

Topics suggested on the One Album Per Hour tour can really be anything. 

“I actually relish the difficult topics,” he said. “I fear the banal, ill-thoughout drunken suggestions.”
Beardyman has won the UK Beatbox championships consecutively and has lent his voice to several characters on the latest series of Beavis and Butthead. 

As well as becoming a regular face at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Beardyman was granted his own show at the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival, appeared on Conan (TBS) and stole the show at the BBC Comedy Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

DJ Beardyman will be beatboxing his way to Reading Concert Hall on October 23. 

Visit call 0118 960 6060 for tickets.