Nigel Farage's Brexit Party claimed massive victories in the EU Parliamentary elections - including in the South East region.

Results from Sunday (May 26) showed the party claimed 31.6 per cent of the overall vote in the UK with 29 seats, more than any other group.

In the South East region which covers Bracknell, Wokingham and Ascot, the Brexit Party won four seats, the Liberal Democrats three, and the Conservatives, Labour and Greens now have one MEP each.

Nigel Farage’s newly formed group came out on top in Bracknell, seeing 10,947 votes come its way, while the Liberal Democrats came second with 6,983 and the Conservatives followed in third place with 3,733.

The Green Party, Labour, Change UK, UKIP and a handful of independents made up the running in the area.

Neighbouring district Windsor and Maidenhead saw the Brexit Party claim victory again with 13,289 votes, with the Lib Dems a close second with 12,769.

Like in Bracknell, the Tories followed in third while the Green Party claimed fourth, but in contrast to the national trend, Change UK pipped Labour to fifth place with 2,051 votes compared to 1,847.

However in Wokingham, the Liberal Democrats built on their success from the local elections earlier this month with another electoral victory after they took almost 3,000 more votes than the Brexit Party to finish first in the district.

The pro-EU group claimed 17,379 votes compared to the Brexit Party’s 14,728, with the Conservatives accumulating 6,330, the Green Party amassing 5,807, Labour taking 2,689 and Change UK collecting 2,650.

Clive Jones, who is the Liberal Democrats’ Parliamentary spokesperson for Wokingham, warned incumbent Conservative MP John Redwood to watch out for the Lib Dems at the next general election.

He said: “In the two elections that covered the Wokingham parliamentary constituency in May this year the Lib Dems topped the poll both times.

“Sir John Redwood should now be very concerned that Brexit is not supported by most of his constituents.

“He could lose the seat he has held since 1987 at the next general election. This is the worst Conservative performance in a national election for over 100 years.”