Polls open for the 2019 local elections in less than a week.

This week Bracknell News will be bringing you statements from candidates standing in all 18 wards.

Scroll down and you'll find out a bit about who your candidates are, why they want to be elected and who they're standing for. 

In Little Sandhurst and Wellington ward, voters will be asked to choose two councillors from the list on their ballot paper. 

You can find your nearest polling station at the bottom of this story.

Residents can vote from 7am - 10pm on Thursday, May 2. 


Paul Bettison (Conservative)

Bracknell News: Paul BettisonPaul Bettison

"I have been your Borough Councillor for 27 years, in which time we have seen many changes. Change brings fresh challenges, and I always represent the best interests of all our residents. I strongly oppose overdevelopment, whilst supporting schemes that enable our own children to get their first home. I am proud of our schools; we have kept our promise to make every school a good school, and we remain committed to that pledge. In Bracknell Forest there isn't a single school that I would not have sent my own children to, and our ward is served particularly well. I’d like to thank our head teachers, staff and governors for their dedication and commitment to our children. Our leisure services remain the envy of all. Our environment is better maintained than that of any of our near neighbours. Now that the Lexicon has opened, and work is about to start on the Deck and the regeneration of Princess Square we will really have a principal town centre worthy of our Borough. Our Council tax has been consistently one of the lowest in England, and is a matter of considerable personal pride. I firmly believe that you rightly demand good value from your local authority. I am happy to say that all indicators clearly show that this is exactly what you are getting and I remain committed to delivering sound value for money services. I love this area dearly. That is why my wife, Jean, and I chose to bring up our children here. My promise to you is to keep this area one in which people choose to live, with an opportunity for all to achieve their full potential in an environment which is safe, pleasant, and a joy to live in."

Dale Birch (Conservative)

Bracknell News: Dale BirchDale Birch

"My family and I have lived in Little Sandhurst for nearly 40 years and it has been my privilege to be your councillor for 35 years both on Bracknell Forest Council and Sandhurst Town Council. I am married to Gill a former teacher who is also a councillor. Much of my ward work involves dealing with planning matters. It is an ongoing fight to ensure the last few green fields in the area do not get built on and where development does happen we get the right facilities provided. This ward covers both Little Sandhurst and the Wellington College area of Crowthorne so I keep a close watch on Crowthorne issues as well. I have been keen to ensure that Sandhurst and Crowthorne are not joined together or Crowthorne with Bracknell as community identity is so important. At the borough council I am responsible for Adult Social Care, Health and Housing. I am proud of the way we have transformed our caring services to make them more person centred. With my health responsibilities I work with local health services to help people stay fit and healthy as well as combat loneliness and isolation. I keep fit myself on my road bike and trying to keep up with my grandchildren. As a governor at St Michael’s School I take great interest in how our young people and families develop and grow, this helps me understand what services the council needs to provide so that whole families can get help in times of need. As Chairman of the local Health and Wellbeing Board I focus on mental health improvement particularly for children and young people. I ask again for your support so that I can continue my commitment to you and the community to ensure this remains a great place to live, work and play."

Rebecca Duffett (Liberal Democrat)

Bracknell News: Rebecca DuffettRebecca Duffett

"I have lived in Bracknell all of my life, attending primary and secondary schools in the borough. As a cyclist, runner and dog owner I am particularly proud of our exceptional green spaces and leisure facilities and I am passionate about keeping them open to everyone. If elected, I will be ensuring that large development projects that impact our green spaces, such as the proposed Horseshoe Lake redevelopment plan, undergo full scrutiny. I have enjoyed going out and speaking to residents on the doorstep and finding out about local concerns, which I see as a really important part of being a Councillor."

Nikola Mansfield (Labour)

Bracknell News: Nikola MansfieldNikola Mansfield

"I have lived in Crowthorne, in the Wellington and Little Sandhurst Ward, for over 13 years. This is a fantastic place to live and bring up children which is why I have been active in the community since I moved here. I have run toddler groups, been chair of the local NCT and of a local primary school PTA and now work as a secondary school librarian. I am a passionate campaigner for education and NHS funding and strong believer in social justice and fairness of opportunity for all. If elected I would work hard to represent the varied and diverse views of our community."

Megan Wright (Labour)

Bracknell News: Megan WrightMegan Wright

"As a parent with children in the local schools and as an ex-NHS nurse, I am a real believer in public services and the importance of investing in the community. If I am elected to the council I will work hard to ensure everyone in the community has a voice and that services are not cut for the vulnerable and the people who need them the most."

Nearest polling station

Crowthorne Parish Hall, Heath Hill Road South, Crowthorne RG45 7BN 

Methodist Church Hall, Scotland Hill, Sandhurst GU47 8JR