Polls open for the 2019 local elections in less than a week.

This week Bracknell News will be bringing you statements from candidates standing in all 18 wards.

Scroll down and you'll find out a bit about who your candidates are, why they want to be elected and who they're standing for. 

In Great Hollands North ward, voters will be asked to choose two councillors from the list on their ballot paper. 

You can find your nearest polling station at the bottom of this story.

Residents can vote from 7am - 10pm on Thursday, May 2. 


Peter Hill (Conservative)

Bracknell News: Peter HillPeter Hill

"I live in the heart of Great Hollands North and have represented the Ward on Bracknell Forest and Bracknell Town Councils since 2015. Since my election I have sat on various committees including Adult Social Care, Health and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Panel, and Planning Committee where I have been able to make a strong contribution to the work of the Council in delivering outstanding public services. I am passionate about environmental issues, especially stopping climate change and reducing air pollution in the local area. Since 2017 I have chaired Bracknell Town Council’s highly innovative and successful Carbon Reduction Working Group. By 2021 we will have reduce the Town Council’s carbon footprint by over 60%. In my professional career I am a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management. I am also an University External Examiner I am also Director of Policy at the Parliament Street think tank, and co-founder of an EdTech start-up based in Bracknell. I am committed to widening participation in education and was a Governor of Bracknell & Wokingham College from 2017 to 2019. I hold a Doctorate in Social Policy and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy, and have been recognised for my academic contributions to the project management profession being made a Fellow of the Association for Project Management in 2018. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my young family, reading and cycling around Bracknell’s beautiful countryside."

Ben Hutchinson (Liberal Democrat)

Bracknell News: Ben HutchinsonBen Hutchinson

"I live in Bracknell with my wife and three children aged 8 and under. I work for a local Technology company as a Backline Support Engineer. In my free time, I enjoy taking our children to local parks or the library and events in town.

"I've always shared a number of the Liberal Democrat values and would love to see these brought onto our local council; bringing some much-needed party balance and challenging the status quo.

"My current areas of concern that I feel need focus and I would work towards if elected are:

1) Investment in areas outside of our community - funds should be kept local to regenerate the local area.

2) Ensuring that sufficient affordable housing is made available

"In addition to day to day issues such as ensuring core services are functional, the borough remains safe and clean"

Max Mir (Conservative)

Bracknell News: Max MirMax Mir

"I have been a qualified youth and community worker, social worker and community activist for over 40 years. I always believe in people empowerment and the power of the community to contribute positively to making places a great place to live. As a community manager, I have worked with different local authorities around the country on various projects. I have developed youth clubs and community centres to support local communities. Being a father of an autistic son, I understand the special needs of individuals and the importance of strong resilient families. As individuals and as a community it is our duty and responsibility to look after our young people and our older residents. If I am elected for Great Holland's North, I will focus on the needs of our more vulnerable residents, of whatever age, to ensure they get the best possible support. I will make sure our residents have more opportunities in the area. I am a professional community worker and I believe in peace, love and harmony. With my background and experience, I will work with local groups to bring people together for the benefit of our locality. I have a keen interest in education and I worked with educators around the world, from Europe to Jerusalem, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Asia. I am keen to see our local schools and college's are being supported to deliver the best education for our young people."

Kathryn Neil (Labour)

Bracknell News: Kathryn NeilKathryn Neil

"I have lived on Jennetts Park for 7 years and seen it grow from a building site to a really special community. I have spent the last 10 months working closely with Mary to learn more about what it means to be a community Councillor. I have enjoyed meeting residents, listening to your concerns and finding out how we can help resolve them. I care about our local community and will work hard to understand the issues residents are facing, and carrying on the great work already started by Mary. There is a lot to do over the next four years and I believe we need someone local, and passionate about the community to make things happen.

"I work locally in Bracknell and my experience from working at Bracknell Forest Council and alongside Mary Temperton all put me well placed to hit the ground running after the election."

Mary Temperton (Labour)

Bracknell News: Mary TempertonMary Temperton

"I have greatly enjoyed the privilege of serving as you Bracknell Town Councillor for the past 34 years, and as your Bracknell Forest Councillor for the past 8 years. I promised to be an Active Community Councillor and I have kept you all informed with regular newsletters, regular door knocking and regular surgeries. I am very involved in our community. I am a Governor at Easthampstead Park school and am back teaching there on a Thursday and Friday, supporting year 11 Science students. I am Chair of the Great Hollands Community Association and help produce the much loved Great Hollands Matters magazine. I am a member of the Jennett’s Park Community Association. I organise litter picks, and ensure our environment is well maintained. Great Hollands is a well-established community of 52 years, and I have been part of the development of the Jennett’s Park since it was fields- now a superb place to live. I really enjoy working with you all and thank you for the warm welcome when I call. I think we have achieved a great deal in the past four years- besides the long awaited the shop on Jennett’s Park.

"I look forward to all the challenges of the next four years. There is still a lot to do."

Nearest polling station:

Great Hollands Community Centre, The Square, Wordsworth, Bracknell RG12 8UX 

Jennett’s Park Community Centre, Main Hall, 1 Tawny Owl Square, Bracknell RG12 8EB