Polls open for the 2019 local elections in less than a week.

This week Bracknell News will be bringing you statements from candidates standing in all 18 wards.

Scroll down and you'll find out a bit about who your candidates are, why they want to be elected and who they're standing for. 

In College Town ward, voters will be asked to choose two councillors from the list on their ballot paper. 

You can find your nearest polling station at the bottom of this story.

Residents can vote from 7am - 10pm on Thursday, May 2. 


Nick Allen (Conservative)

Bracknell News: Nick AllenNick Allen

"I have lived in College Town for over 25 years with my wife and two children, both of which attended College Town Schools where I have also served as a Governor. I was elected to Bracknell Forest Council at the Borough elections in May 2011 and have served the residents of College Town ever since. I serve on numerous committees covering areas such as Adult Social Care, Health & Housing, Children & Learning, Employment, Licencing & Safety and Governance & Audit, the latter two of which I chair. I am acutely aware that the first priority of a Councillor is to serve the residents of College Town whom we represent. One of the reasons that I serve on such a wide range of committees is to get a deep understanding of how the Council works in these areas, so that I can provide a speedy resolution to residents’ issues. Bracknell Forest is one of the top councils in the country and was awarded Council of the Year by iESE in 2018. The Council has spent the last four years transforming its services in order to maintain the level of service whilst having its Government grant cut by over £20M. Despite this, our Council Tax is still one of the lowest of any Unitary Authority in the country. This has been achieved through a combination of prudent financial management and the ability to find more innovative ways of providing services. If re-elected, I will work hard to ensure that Bracknell Forest further enhances the services it provides to the residents of College Town, and represent the ward to the best of my ability."

Pauline McKenzie (Conservative)

Bracknell News: Pauline McKenziePauline McKenzie

"I have lived in College Town for 30 years. I am married to Roy with four children and was elected to Bracknell Forest Council in May 2015. I sit on various committees: – Adult Social Care & Housing - which helped me gain knowledge and understanding in my role as Chair of Trustees at Sandhurst Day Centre. Planning – I am committed to supporting development that meets the needs of our residents, brings business to enhance our economy, whilst maintaining the character of the area and valuing our green spaces. Environment and Overview Scrutiny and Communities – I enjoy our parks, countryside and leisure facilities. As chair of Environment at Town I have arranged litter picks, bulb planting, erected benches, refurbished bus shelters. My most valued achievement was the restoration of our memorial cross in time for the World War 1 centenary commemorations. Licensing - I am aware of the impact of issuing licenses, protecting the safety and amenity space of our residents, whilst weighing up individuals seeking a livelihood. As a school governor I learned about the challenges our head teachers face developing our young people to reach their full potential. I take every opportunity to promote apprenticeships. If re-elected I will work hard to ensure that Bracknell Forest delivers and enhances the services it provides to our residents, works within budget and makes us proud to be part of such a great place to live."

Philip Thompson (Liberal Democrat)

Bracknell News:

“Philip Geoffrey Thompson FCA, Age 73 Born in Camberley. Married with grown up children and two grandchildren. Have been self-employed with career in accountancy and taxation. Local allotment holder and member of gardening Club. Parents were teachers in Camberley and Yorktown. Grandfather from Easthampstead, near Bracknell. Live in College Town Ward. Family use Sandhurst School, many having lived here most of their lives.

"Campaigns for Environment - Member of Greenpeace and Blackwater group of Friends of the Earth. Member of Liberal Democrats for 30 years. Believes we need to protect services provided by Local Council, Town and Borough while Austerity cuts are still being implemented by councils being underfunded by this government. As a Chartered Accountant I believe there are still more efficient ways of using our Council Tax money more wisely and more efficiently and that this needs constant examination by Councillors and the public. I have a strong feeling for justice and fairness having worked for Citizens Advice Bureau.

"We need more hard working Councillors to represent us when our money is being spent."

Clive Urquhart (Labour)

Bracknell News: Clive UrquhartClive Urquhart

"I started work aged 15 as an apprentice sheet metal worker and retired a few years ago as the UK manufacturing director of a large engineering company. I am married have 4 grown up children and 2 beautiful granddaughters and have lived in Sandhurst for 48 years.

"I am keen to become your Councillor because I want to end the situation that sees Bracknell Forest Council completely dominated by one party, which I regard as unhealthy for democracy and therefore ultimately not good for us all.

"I am particularly concerned at the lack of social and real affordable housing locally; I would welcome an increase in local community policing. As a past governor of Sandhurst school I am keen to support the whole school, pupils, teaching staff and parents. Due to poor eyesight I no longer drive and so public transport is important to me, I regularly ride the 194 and will want to improve bus services wherever possible. I am a regular user of the leisure centre in Bracknell and am anxious to ensure that having had loads of public money spent on it, it doesn’t lose its service to the community ethos."

Matt White (Labour)

Bracknell News: Matt WhiteMatt White

"I was born in Edinburgh and gained a degree in Physics from Edinburgh University.
In 1975, I moved to Bracknell Forest and started work at the then Transport and Road Research laboratory. I remained in the Scientific Civil Service for the whole of my career, working in transport science and research policy and management. While at TRRL I worked on the behaviour of traffic in fog and on route guidance systems. I move to Department Headquarters in 1983 to work on traffic modelling. Latterly, I was a member of the Chief Scientific Adviser’s Unit.

"I was a member of the board of Governors for a Bracknell primary school for twelve years, and was chair for four of those years. I am now retired, but keep active through a number of charitable and sporting activities. I have lived in the borough continuously since 1975. I have always been happy living in Bracknell Forest, particular given the amount green space, and the quality of its leisure and recreational facilities. South Hill Park is a good example. I am married with one daughter.

"As a Councillor, my priorities would be:
To secure the provision of adequate affordable housing.
To improve the environment, particularly air quality.
To secure the future and expansion of early years support and family centres."

Nearest polling station:

Sandhurst School - Sports Centre, Owlsmoor Rd, Owlsmoor, Sandhurst GU47 0SP