Polls open for the 2019 local elections in less than a week.

This week Bracknell News will be bringing you statements from candidates standing in all 18 wards.

Scroll down and you'll find out a bit about who your candidates are, why they want to be elected and who they're standing for. 

In Ascot ward, voters will be asked to choose two councillors from the list on their ballot paper. 

You can find your nearest polling station at the bottom of this story.

Residents can vote from 7am - 10pm on Thursday, May 2. 


Nigel Atkinson (Conservative)

Bracknell News: Nigel AtkinsonNigel Atkinson

"I have lived in the area for over 25 years and am married with 3 children. I have been a parish councillor on Winkfield Parish Council for the last four years. I have been church warden at St Martin's Church Chavey Down and manage the church community hall, which is used by several of our local groups and clubs. 

"I am on the steering group for our local neighbourhood development plan, which promotes the views of local people in terms of housing, community facilities, green infrastructure, education provision and high-quality design in new developments.

"I passionately care about our local heritage, green spaces and community facilities. I will work hard to maintain existing local services, public transport and local facilities which support a sense of community and involvement in Ascot ward. 

"I will support sustainable lifestyle initiatives, including promoting greener travel and safer cycle routes to reduce car dependency. I will also support positive environmental approaches to waste reduction and re-use wherever possible. I have taken part in local litter picking teams and will continue to do so. 

"I firmly believe we should all be able to live safely and securely in the ward and will strive to achieve this." 

Simon Banks (Liberal Democrat)

Bracknell News: Simon BanksSimon Banks

"I was born and, grew up in Country Durham and fondly remember the genuine warmth of the community back then.
"I have lived in North Ascot (Just off Fernbank road) for over 19 years with my wife with my three golden retrievers.  We all love the local green spaces and can often be seen walking on Ascot Heath and Great Windsor park.   
"We are blessed with great neighbours and I believe is why we feel we belong to a wider community and the feeling of security in a pinch.
"My career has been over thirty years specialising in telecoms network/electronics and software technologies.  I have been responsible for leading teams, designing and implementing multi-million global carrier-grade solutions across around Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa.  

"I’m a highly motivated individual who rises to challenges be they revenue, technical or political and have considerable drive and energy in working to accomplish them.  I find great fulfilment in learning and understanding complex problems before finding simple elegant solutions.
"If elected I feel I can be a strong positive alternative in our local community.  Solving residents concerns and getting to the heart of local issues. My goal will be to challenge the status quo in "Bracknell Forest and to provide more transparency, accountability and scrutiny to local government.
Your local Liberal Democrats have been leading a number of litter picks across the borough and we believe in looking after our community. We’re very lucky to live in an area with as much natural beauty as Bracknell Forest and I believe we have a commitment to maintaining it and not buried under dumped waste or turned into building projects which the current local council seems powerless or unwilling to prevent.
"Please help us make a positive change to Bracknell Forest.
"Knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns."

Katherine Giles (Labour)

Bracknell News: Katherine GilesKatherine Giles

2I have lived in Bracknell Forest all of my 29 years. Bracknell Forest is a lovely place to live but it could be even better. I would like to bring diversity to the Council and lower the average age of the Council members. I have a 10-year-old son. I am passionate about support for children with special educational needs and eliminating the poverty that exists in areas within our borough."

Dorothy Hayes (Conservative)

Bracknell News: Dorothy HayesDorothy Hayes

"I am a resident of my ward and have lived in Ascot/Winkfield since 1987 to present day. 

"I am an experienced and caring councillor. I have been a parish councillor since 1991 and a Bracknell Forest Councillor since 1993. During which time, I hope my residents would agree, I have tried on their behalf to attain their requirements to the best of my ability.

"As a widow and a working mum and grandmother, I understand the challenges that modern parents and families face in these trying times, often multi-tasking with home and careers. 

"I am the executive member for the environment, waste management/recycling, landscaping, climate change and carbon footprint reduction. I am chairman on the Re3 board (Longshot Lane/Smallmead civic amenity sites). Both sites have received public and council (country wide) recognition for excellence, efficiency and value for money for the residents of our borough. Recognition being given to the successful Recycle Blue Bin and Glass Bottle Bank Good Cause schemes which have financially benefited charities and local groups with much needed monies for work in the environment. Increasing the plastic materials in our blue bins has reduced waste being sent to the very costly landfill. I am a firm believer that residents of all ages should be able to live in a safe and secure environment and I will strive hard to uphold this commitment." 

Steven Young (Labour)

Bracknell News: Steve YoungSteve Young

"I think Bracknell is a great place to live and bring up a family but it could be better. As a driving instructor, I am well aware of all the road changes. The sequencing of the lights needs to be sorted, especially those on the London Road near the car dealership centre. I want to see more Labour Councillors elected onto the Council so that real debate can take place before decisions are made. I will also keep residents informed of decisions that will affect them, again before the decisions are made. The whole Council should be more open and transparent with residents encouraged to participate. I am very proud of my daughter who has played football for Ascot United since she was 12."

Nearest polling stations  

North Ascot Community Centre, Fernbank Road, Ascot SL5 6LA

St Martin’s Church Hall, Church Road, Chavey Down, Ascot SL5 8RR