MY excitement for Wendy's to open in Reading had been brewing for some time so when they invited me along it was an offer I simply couldn't refuse.

On Friday, May 28, I got to check out Wendy's ahead of the opening today and give you a taste of what to expect.

I couldn't contain my excitement about trying the food having never visited a Wendy's before or been to America.

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The restaurant feels modern and clean inside, with tables spaced out to ensure customers can eat their meals comfortably.

Bracknell News:

Ensuring customers feel safe during Covid has been thought out well by the team, with practical measures put in place to ensure social distancing inside.

The restaurant has a separate space where you queue to order your food and then a large open area where you wait for your meal.

Unlike the drinks machine at Five Guys where you have to touch a screen to pour your beverage, Wendy's has a system which is like something from the future. I presume it's to avoid contact during Covid-19.

Bracknell News:

What you do is you just scan the QR code on the screen, choose from a selection of soft drinks and then hold the pour button on your phone. It was like magic.

Sadly the coke had run out for my friend but one of the team members quickly refilled the drinks machine so I can't fault their service.

My friend Ellie and I got to try a selection of food from the menu, including the real chicken breast nuggets, chicken burger and Ellie tried the Baconator burger.

Bracknell News:

The food was so fresh and everything had such strong flavours. Every single bite of the burger I had was delicious, with the Brioche style bun giving a soft texture and the sweetness contrasting the succulent and savoury chicken.

The batter was crispy, light and it wasn't greasy at all but it was naughty enough that I knew I was having an indulgent meal. 

Bracknell News: Baconator burger that Ellie tried Baconator burger that Ellie tried

If you go later today you have to try the Bacanotor fries with cheese. The chips were well-seasoned and fluffy inside, with the crispy bacon juices melting into the chips.

To get the full Wendy's experience, I was told to dip the chips in the chocolate Frosty I ordered.

Take my word on it, the combination works well together because you have the mix of sweet and salty. It made me feel nostalgic too as it reminded me of when I was little when I dipped my chips in a McDonald's milkshake.

There is also a fantastic choice for vegetarians or people who fancy something on the lighter side.

In the video above, you'll hear me explain that I wouldn't opt for vegeterian food but for anyone that is, the Veggie bites have a nice flavour and will leave you feeling full.

They also do jacket potatoes and salads. I'm eager to try the Avocado salad which has the Veggie Bites and Southwest Ranch Dressing!

If you're visiting Reading or stuck on what to get for lunch, Wendy's may well be worth your visit.