WOKINGHAM A lost 57-47 in a rain-affected Kennet League Division One match at Desborough.

The game finished after after 16 ends due to the weather conditions.

Best Wokingham rink was skipped by John Scowen along with Andy Franklin, Gerry Deeves and Clive Tarran, winning by 10 shots.

Wokingham skips first: John Scowen 17-7 M.White; Sam Welsh 6-20 E.Orme; Alan Symondson 15-14 D.White; Tom Searle 9-16 T.Devonald-Batt 16.

The A team bounced back with a 76-62 home victory over Maidenhead Town.

Top rink was skipped by Tom Searle along with Bob Thompson, Colin Livingstone and Mike Drinkwater, winning by 14 shots.

Tom Searle 25 shots-11 T.Eales; Alan Symondson 16-22 S.Wright; John Scowen 20-9 R.West; Sam Welsh 15-20 E.Sharp.

Wokingham B defeated Desborough 96-66 in Division Two including a 23-shot victory for skip Bob Hales-Owen, Jim Rudd, John Buttigieg and Alex Thomson.

Paul Aylott 27-14 J.Brampton; Bob Hales-Owen 29-6 A.May; Colin Cleverly 24-16 J.Searl; Stuart Slocombe 16-30 P.Winstanley.

Wokingham C lost 41-37 at home to Wargrave in Division Three.

Alan Taylor 12-5 K.Brooks; John Balkwell 7-11 G.Hedges; Paul Graham 10-13 P.Burton; Keith Roberts 8-12 R.Prew 12.

In the Kennett LV League,Wokingham A won 57-58 at Caversham A in Division One with a top triple of skip Stuart Slocombe, Len Cooke and Martin O'Connor winning by 10 shots.

Stuart Slocombe 24-14 D.Allen; Colin Cleverly 14-17 P.Slatford; Bob Hales-Owen 19-17 M.Allder.

Wokingham B beat Caversham B 44-42 in Division Two.

Ted Melber 17-17 R.Emmett; Jim Rudd 14-12 C.Clark; Gerry Deeves 13-13 N.Smith.

Wokingham C losy 48-37 at Tilehurst B in Division Two.

Paul Graham 13-14 P.Wall; John MacGregor 12-18 T.Willey; Eric Nathan 12-16 T.Stevens.

Wokingham D lost 63-33 at Woodley B in Division Three Alan Taylor 10-21 A.Grainger; Keith Roberts 9-22 K.Codling; Les Allen 14-20 D.Russell.

In the Thames Valley Ladies League, Wokingham Acorns won 54-48 at Caversham in Division One. Wokingham's top triple was Joy Holmes (skip), Pat Boswell and Teresa O'Connor, winning by eight shots.

Anne Parker 14-22 P.Folkestone; Joy Holmes 19-11 J.Ralley; Lillian Holliday 21-15 T.Slark.

Wokingham Oakapples lost 50-44 at home to Trentham in Division Three. Wokingham's only winning triple was Cyndy Price-Finnie (skip), Gen Hughes and Dora James, winning by nine shots.

Cyndy Price-Finnie 19-10 S.Coston; Jill Francis 16-19 T.Johnson; Janette Kane 9-21 C.Comley.

In friendly matches, Wokingham ladies were beaten 58-43 at home by Windsor Great Park. Their only winning triple was Vi Hales-Owen (skip), Shirley Dutton and Rosemary Musto.

Vi Hales-Owen 14-11 G.Dorey; Jill Thorne 15-28 J.Winter; Elaine Herbert 14-19 P.Yates.

Wokingham men lost 95-57 at Camberley in the first leg of the annual WokCam Trophy.

John MacGregor 17-14 K.Wilson; Stuart Slocombe 15-17 E.Vine; Jim Rudd 11-16 D.McCallum; Eric Nathan 7-22 T.Prentice; Paul Graham 7-26 J.Shillingford.

Wokingham won 92-71 at Maiden Erlegh in a mixed friendly. Wokingham's top triple was Colin Cleverly (skip), Keith Roberts and Teresa O'Connor.

Paul Dollery 21-23 R.Pontet; Eric Nathan 10-13 K.Cheshire; Colin Cleverly 24-10 K.Jones; Martin O'Connor 21-13 F.Parkinson; Paul Graham 16-12 A.Jones.


SUNNINGDALE played friendlies at home against Crowthorne and away at Horsell, but failed to win either.

In the Kennet League, Sunningdale beat Three Mile Cross by 79-70 to win 10-4 on points.

Top Sunningdale rink was Les Green, Bob Montgomery, Dennis Bailey and Derek Cooper(skip).

In the KLV Division, Sunningdale won 53-41 at home to Maidenhead Thicket A and 8-2 on points with a top rink of Archie Clifton, Gareth Williams and George Edwards (skip).

Sunningdale B lost 56-42 at Desborough B and 8-2 on points, with a winning rink of John Boyer, Colin Shefford and John Turner (skip).

Sunningdale defeated Woodley 53-43 in Thames Valley Ladies League to win 9-1 on points. Top rink was Margaret Ward, Janet Spencer and Kathy Edwards (skip).

This Saturday, Sunningdale will be holding a fun day where all visitors are welcome to try out the sport.

Great Hollands

GREAT Hollands Linnets beat Bracknell 65-31 in the Thames Valley Ladies League to win 10-0 on points.

Top triple was Jose Chippendale, Rita Hills and Rita Littleford (24-7), while Jo Sanders, Irene Gallacher and Sheila Readings won 20-10 and Sheila Lee, Lorraine Capon and Olive Bambury won 21-14.

The Wrens lost 59-32 to Reading and 8-2 on points. Their only winning triple was Jean Williams, Mary Thomas and Carolyn Lofthouse.

In the Kennett League, Great Hollands won 94-61 against Woodley and 14-0 on points.

In KLV, the A team beat Twyford 59-39 for a 9-1 points win, while the B team won 63-33 against Maidenhead Town C for a 10-0 points win.

Fred Moody, David Horton and Don Foote were the top triple (29-13), while Mike Stickland, John Hills and Fred Payne won 18-10 and Richard Clark, Lawrie Peckover and Dave Anderson won 16-10.

The C team lost 55-45 to Reading B and 8-2 on points.