Special mission for the world's 'top trumps'

Published: 1 Jul 2011 09:30

IT MUST be a tad surreal when you're the most powerful nation on the planet and the only characters you can rustle up to challenge Barack for control of the White House answer to the name of Mitt, Newt, Rick, Jon, Flip, Chuck, Rock, Hank, Wizz or Trump.

Okay, so I cheated with that last one. Trump is, of course, multi-billionaire Donald's surname. But when you've got all that money and the top of your head bears a remarkable resemblance to a cross between a ruined omelette and an abandoned birds' nest, you've probably forfeited the right to be taken seriously. Not that we can talk when our own unholy trinity all choose to be known by the matey diminutives Dave, Ed and Nick. It can surely be only a matter of time before they blur into one amorphous coalition known as Dednik.

That's the kind of codename which seems to appeal to the FBI, the CIA or whichever arm of the secret service has the task of maintaining America's real or imagined world domination.

Mind you, it took them more than a decade to find Osama when he was virtually right under their noses, and 16 years to capture octogenarian gang leader James 'Whitey' Bulger who wandered unscathed and at will through his homeland's post-September 11 airport security, and once even took a tourists' day trip around his former abode at Alcatraz.

Rumour has it the FBI was the buyer when that photograph of Billy The Kid sold for £1.4m last weekend. They're apparently demanding to know if it's a good likeness and how recently it was taken.

n Talking of deserving to be locked up, prime candidates are clearly the anonymous authors of the Royal College of Psychiatrists' report which wants to restrict anyone over 65 to a half pint of beer or a small glass of wine a day.

This is, of course, totally ludicrous. What planet are these shrinks living on? Surely they're aware that millions of over 65s can no longer afford to drink a half pint of beer or a small glass of wine every day.

Blimey, the next thing they'll be banning oldies from watching the Olympics. Oops, I forgot, that already applies to all ages doesn't it?

n IN HIS latest bid to divorce the Conservative Party from its traditional supporters, what brattish spite Dave managed to muster in his snarling "you do the fighting and I'll do the talking" rebuke to Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, First Sea Lord, and Air Chief Marshal Sir Simon Bryant, second-in-command of the Royal Air Force. So who do you suggest does the dying then Dave?

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15 Jul 2011 09:30 • Editorial

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Together with local people, councillors and the excellent residents' Save Calcot Action Group (SCAG), I have been campaigning since 2008 to stop developer Blue Living's plans to dump 750 homes and commercial buildings on Pincents Hill.

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14 Jul 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

Time for another round in Second Chance Saloon

NOW we know that Dave's turned Number 10 into the Second Chance Saloon he should probably own up and reveal exactly how many other unfortunates he's got in there toiling away on rehab.

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8 Jul 2011 09:30 • Rob Wilson MP

Rob Wilson's Westminster Diary, July 7, 2011

I HEARD someone say on the radio that journalism is about to experience its own expenses scandal moment. If that's true, it's about to go through the fire and deservedly so.

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8 Jul 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

Match point for Theresa or is it a foul ball?

HOW much does the BBC spend annually on its own version of a final salary pension scheme for a bunch of has-been, never-was or never-likely-to-be tennis 'stars'?

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24 Jun 2011 09:30 • Rob Wilson MP

Rob Wilson's Westminster Diary 23.06.11

The longer we are in Government the easier it becomes to expose how useless the last Labour Government was - it's quite difficult for the public to comprehend just how awful it all was.

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24 Jun 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

How do we save las Malvinas now, Dave?

ONCE upon a time when gunboat diplomacy was in vogue, accusing someone's prime minister of "mediocrity bordering on stupidity" would have had everyone hurriedly pulling on their tin hats.

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Alok Sharma's Westminster Diary, June 16, 2011

It's the second year of the Coalition Government and we are having to make some very difficult decisions to fix the financial mess and record deficit Labour left behind.

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Blair's old gloss can't paint over the Middle East cracks

IT WAS like old times. Tremor in the voice, glottals stopping like an intricate passage from Riverdance, that weird Anglo-Scottish hooray accent, mellowed with a mid-Atlantic tinge, and even a hint of the Middle East picked up from visitors spirited up in the private lift to the all-expenses- paid floor he occupies at Jerusalem's American Colony Hotel.

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Alok Sharma's Westminster Diary, June 2, 2011

Along with the Mayor of Reading and other local folk, I was lucky enough to be invited by Reading Football Club to watch the big match at Wembley on Monday.

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3 Jun 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

How did we lose our basic instinct - simple humanity?

AS SCANDALS go it was hardly of tsunami proportions. Were the victims dogs or cats, or even a retired circus elephant, then the furore might well have been greater.

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26 May 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

Reading behind the lines of library plans

THE wisdom of placing the running of your libraries in private hands may be a moot point when figures from the National Literacy Trust show one in six Britons have a reading level below that of an 11-year-old.

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26 May 2011 09:30 • Rob Wilson MP

Rob Wilson's Westminster Diary: May 26, 2011

THIS week President Obama visited Westminster and as I write this Westminster Hall is being prepared to receive him.

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19 May 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

Naked truth of the MPs' new clothes

ONE of the great curiosities of the late 20th century was the concept of 'dress down Fridays' which spread so rapidly across the Atlantic that it became almost compulsory to show up on the last day of the working week in gardening gear.

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19 May 2011 09:30 •

Alok Sharma's Westminster Diary, May 19, 2011

Last week I was pleased, together with corporate sponsors First Great Western, Network Rail, PepsiCo and Tesco, to announce plans for a major interactive careers Futures Fair for west Reading secondary schools. The event will be held in September at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre at the Madejski Stadium.

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13 May 2011 09:30 • Rob Wilson MP

Rob Wilson's Westminster Diary: May 12, 2011

Some weeks can be pretty exhausting and last week was one of them. Who in Government thought it would be a good idea to debate the Finance Bill in the week we have local elections and a Referendum on AV?

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13 May 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

Online banking? The cheque's in the post...

THE one time I tried to pay a credit card bill online was a disaster. The experience involved three major system crashes, a damage-only accident when it disowned the password it had approved just moments earlier; and then nothing.

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5 May 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

Give us an alternative to the same old spin

APPARENTLY some politicians tell lies; and the latest news is that the woodland toilet habits of bears may be every bit as unpleasant as we suspected.

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21 Apr 2011 09:30 • Maurice O'Brien

Dave can't shake off the quiff of privilege

MOST mornings when I pull back the curtains I'm greeted by the sight of a couple of obese, moth-eaten old pigeons squatting moodily on a neighbour's roof.

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15 Apr 2011 09:35 • Maurice O'Brien

No frills and no thrills - that's the size of it

TONIGHT will be exactly a year since we reluctantly suspended our scepticism and let the three stooges flutter their eyelashes at us during the first televised election debate.

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15 Apr 2011 09:30 • Rob Wilson MP

Rob Wilson's Westminster Diary: April 14, 2011

IT'S GOOD to be away from Westminster for a few weeks because the mood always gets a bit scratchy towards the end of a session. With the new financial year having just begun, it's a good point to take stock politically almost a year after the General Election.

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