IN A bid to cut £21m from its budget by 2020/21 the council is asking residents which services they value the most.

Central government funding cuts and an increase in demand for services such as adult social care has left Wokingham Borough Council needing to plug a large funding blackhole.

So far £4m have been saved through the 21st Century Council Programme, in what the council refers to as 'improvements and efficiencies', which will also see up to 150 jobs axed from its Shute End offices.

A spokesperson said: "Each year it gets harder to protect services as we receive less and less money from central government.

"One of the main sources for general, non-ringfenced funding for most councils is the general Revenue Government Support grant.

"For Wokingham Borough Council this grant has been reducing rapidly and will, by 2019/20, have been cut completely.

"This is unprecedented and is forcing us to look very carefully at all our expenditures. Furthermore, in 2019/20 we will potentially move to a negative of £7million, which means we will be paying money to other local authorities.

"We will continue to seek efficiencies and to secure grant funding for specific projects and will strive at all times to maintain or even improve services. In order to do this, we want a clearer understanding of your views and experiences, which is why we have launched this Budget Consultation."

Residents taking the survey will be able to give their views on big issues, such as the road maintenance and house building.

They will also be asked to rank public services, such as the recycling centre, children's centres and libraries, in order of importance.

 Next year more detailed proposals will be offered to the public for feedback.

Click here to take the survey.