THE REMOVAL of disabled parking spaces has forced a physically impaired man to walk long distances.

Graeme Robertson developed primary progressive multiple sclerosis in 1998 and remains fit by working out at the gym at Carnival Pool in a bid to fight the degenerative disease 

He recently found himself in difficulty however, when four disabled parking spaces were moved from outside the Wellington Road leisure centre to the nearby multi-storey car park.

Mr Robertson was forced to rest several times on his way from the car to the gym, the walk too long and intense for him to tackle in one go. 

Addressing the council on November 23, Mr Robertson said: “I have been issued with a blue badge from Wokingham Borough Council because I cannot walk 20m.

"I use a rollator to get in and out of the gym - I can manage to use equipment in the gym but cannot walk very far and parking so far away makes my rehabilitation difficult."

The council promised to rectify the problem by installing new temporary parking while phase two of the carnival redevelopment takes place.

Councillor Chris Bowring said: "Mr Robertson's comments make it clear to us that the current arrangements are not suitable for all of our residents with disabilities.

"We have identified a location to provide some additional disabled parking spaces, on a temporary basis while the existing leisure centre is demolished and the second phase of the redevelopment is built.

"We are currently arranging for the spaces to be marked, which should then improve accessibility for disabled users.

"We are now implementing a temporary solution that will provide better access during the building of phase two of the redevelopment."