THE MP for Wokingham was called out by the leader of the Labour Party during a fiery exchange with Theresa May on Wednesday. 

Standing across from the prime minister, Jeremy Corbyn questioned the advice of John Redwood, an ardent support of Brexit.

Mr Redwood found himself at the centre of a mini-media storm last week when he wrote a column for the Financial Times urging investors to take their money out of the UK to the European Central Bank.

The MP was attacked from numerous commentators for the suggestion, including by Peter Dowd, Labour’s shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, who accused Mr Redwood of "talking down Britain".

On Wednesday, Mr Corbyn added his weight to the pile when he said: "There is another person who doesn't think the negotiaitons are going too well, and that is the right honorable member for Wokingham who was a very enthusiatic campaigner but is also a busy man, finds time to be the chief global stratergist for Charles Stanley Investments.

"He advised clients to invest elsewhere because the UK is hitting the brakes.

"Does the the PM take advice from the member of Wokingham and does she agree with him?"

Despite Mr Redwood's backing of Mrs May's leadership in August, the prime minister chose neither to verbally support the MP or answer Mr Corbyn's question.