A DISCOUNT card has been launched to try and increase footfall in the town.

Wokingham is currently the subject of a multi-million pound regeneration project, which has seen the town turned into a building site while work is carried out.

One man has decided to take matters into his own hands and has launched a discount card to help independent businesses in the town centre.

Kevin Richards, a Wokingham resident for 35 years, has launched the Wokingham Community Card.

He explained: "I wanted to create something for the smaller businesses in the town to help them while footfall is down.

"Shops aren't getting the custom they usually do due to the regeneration works, and so we wanted to do something to help them out.

"We sell the cards to Wokingham residents for £2 a month, or £20 for the year, and they then get discounts in the town centre, we've got 19 businesses currently signed up and are in talks with four more.

"Ten per cent of the money raised from sales of the cards will go towards a charity that will be chosen from our Facebook page, so everybody wins."

Mr Richards was also keen to reiterate that the card will still be active after the regeneration works are complete, and that he has the backing of the council.

"Wokingham Town Council have been very supportive of us and have even taken some flyers to put up in their offices.

"Residents win because they are getting discounts in their favourite shops, and the shops win because they are getting an increased footfall, and getting loyalty from residents."

To apply for the card, go to https://wokinghamcommunitycard.co.uk/