A fitness fanatic from Wokingham muscled her way to first place in a prestigious bodybuilding event last weekend.

On May 13 Anna Menshikova entered the World Beauty Fashion and Fitness Federation (WBFF), which takes place annually in Birmingham.

The show mixes fitness and fashion, ranking contestants on not only their strength and skill, but their toned bodies and style.

It took three years of hard work for Miss Menshikova to make her way to the top, with tireless ambition and intense training throughout.

Bracknell News:

Anna Menshikova with her winner's prize

"I was a basketball player for just over 20 years, and when I stopped playing I continued to look after my body and stay fit," she explained. 

"When I was 30 someone suggested I took part in a fitness competition. Never did I think I would be able to, I thought I was too old. But I continued training and learned that if you're fit, age is not a barrier.

"I managed to meet my biggest inspiration Paige Hathaway, and it does motivate me to keep training and continue doing what I love."

During the event, contestants were able to work their way up to achieve cards of different skill levels, and this year Miss Menschikova earned her 'Pro Card'.

"I definitely intend on taking part in another WBFF," she continued. 

"Now I have achieved my Pro Card I will be competing at a higher level, and after a small break I will begin to work towards that."

Miss Menshikova urged others like her to consider taking part in competitions and clubs, regardless of age.

"If it's something you want to do, nothing should stop you."