THE MP for Wokingham raked in almost £150,000 on top of his salary since the last General Election.

Since 2015 John Redwood received £145,096 from 535 hours and 40 minutes of work, according to the official register of member's interests.

Added to his MP's salary of £74,000 a year, Mr Redwood scored a pre-tax total of £293,096 since May 7, 2015.

As well as ardently campaigning for Brexit and representing Wokingham for a seventh time, the veteran MP has been busy lecturing, advising finance firms and writing newspaper columns.

In addition to picking up £22,379 for 299 hours of work as a visiting professor at Middlesex University Business School, Mr Redwood was paid £1,000 by The Sun for two hours writing.

He also received £45,000 for 75 hours work acting as chairman for the investment committee of CS Pan Asset Capital Management - an hourly rate of £600.

Mr Redwood said: "Wokingham and Parliament always comes first. I do not take on any commitments which could clash with what I need to do for the constituency.

"I did in my spare time undertake writing an investment blog and kept up my professional qualification as an Investment Adviser."

Mr Redwood went on to say that he had provided a seven day a week problem response service, took one week's holiday a year which was covered by staff, wrote a blog 364 days of the year and had a 'well above' average rate of intervening and making speeches in parliament.

He continued: "If elected again I would continue to provide that seven day a week response for constituents, and the regular postings on my website to keep people up to date with the issues and matters I am handling.

"I am quite capable of representing people of all income levels. I myself spent my early life in a council house when my father was on a modest wage.

"My first job as a university researcher paid just £1,200 a year, so I know from personal experience what living on a low income is like.

"It is the job of an MP to listen, to understand, and to help people with their problems, which I would like to do again in the next Parliament based on my experience to date in doing so."