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Family's tribute to murder victim Simon Large

Published: 2 May 2013 12:00

THE family of a man murdered when a driver deliberately ran him over have paid tribute to "a giant amongst men, our brightest star".

Simon Large died in hospital from his injuries, after being hit by car driven by Ricky Clarke-Dilly.

THE family of a man murdered when a driver deliberately ran him over have paid tribute to "a giant amongst men, our brightest star".

Simon Large's relatives released a statement after the driver, Ryan Clarke-Dilly, from Slough, was convicted and jailed for life at Reading Crown Court. Mr Large, from London, died in hospital a week after being hit by the car in Ascot High Street.

Simon's parents Colin and Sue Large said: "Not only was he our son, he was also a brother to Adam and Gemma, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, a boyfriend, a colleague and a life-long friend to many people. He was a giant amongst men, our brightest star.

"That was not only obvious from his physical characteristics, being over 6ft tall and well built, but also from his personality too.

"Despite being dyslexic, he had a good career ahead of him in the lift industry, a lovely girlfriend, many friends and was the life and soul of many social gatherings. He had the biggest heart, a cheeky smile and was a loving, caring, gentle person, who was simply great to be around.

"Simon was very keen on keeping fit and took pride in his appearance. He was in the prime of his life and had a bright future ahead of him. What happened to him last year cut short all his dreams and has shocked and devastated us and all who knew him, not least his brother, Adam and sister, Gemma, whom Simon loved and cared for very much.

"Nothing could have prepared us for the manner in which Simon was taken from us. There are many emotions that we feel and many questions that we have, some of which have been answered by this trial. We still suffer feelings of anger, sadness and disbelief that he has gone. Sometimes we have difficulty in concentrating on everyday things because we think about him all day, every day.

"The world we once lived in was a happy place that was full of fun, dreams and aspirations for the future. The sun always shone and the stars always shined. The world we now live in is a very different place. It's a place of darkness, sadness and anxiety, where we look to the past, rather than the future. We still watch the clock and wait for Simon to come home from work. Knowing that he will never do that again is very difficult to come to terms with.

"On October 21 last year our biggest star went out. We never got the opportunity to say goodbye to our son. The world is a poorer place without him and we will miss him and his hugs and kisses for the rest of our lives."

Simon's younger sister Gemma Large added: "We are all struggling with the pain, anger and grief because our world has been shattered with the loss of Simon. I have a permanent picture in my heart and mind of the last moment I had with him and that will never leave me."

I loved each other very much. Now, I live a life full of pain and hurt. I feel so lonely now because Simon and I saw each other nearly every day and we did everything together. I have so many happy memories from the time that we shared, which I will never forget. However, I am still struggling to get back into a life of relative normality after what has happened."

The family thanked police, prosecution barrister Iain Morley QC and witnesses in ensuring that Mr Large's killer was brought to justice.

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