RAM-RAIDERS targeted a Sandhurst bookies in the early hours of this morning (Monday, October 30).

Police have launched an appeal for information after the incident at Coral,  Yorktown Road.

A cordon has been set up as officers carry out their investigations.

One anonymous witness spoke of her shock as she woke in the early hours of the morning, and explained that the road has been routinely targeted in the past three months. 

"I heard a loud thud at around 4am this morning.

"I was woken up by the sound of it, and haven't slept since, it was so loud, but they were in and out within five minutes.

"They were all driving estate cars, and there were two cars, with three or four people involved in total.

"The Post Office was targeted last month, and before that it was the Waitrose and the Subway.

"It makes you feel so unsafe, and this is supposed to be a nice area.

"They were going in and out of the cars, I couldn't see what they were taking, but they kept walking around the area in and out of their cars and the bookies."

The witness explained that they had seen people acting suspiciously beforehand.

"Last month, there were two men and a young boy who came here, they parked their car and kept walking around the site. 

"One of them went into the fence and tried taking a panel off and looking through.

"I shouted at them, but they said they were just trying to mend their car."

Waitrose, Subway and the Post Office on the same street as the Coral had all been targeted by break-ins in the past three months.

Thames Valley Police and Coral refused to comment on the incident. 

More to follow.