BASKETS of chocolate have been donated to the town's foodbank by the organisers of a free fitness scheme.

Three months ago John Wilkinson and Zofia Modelska set up Bracknell Free Boot camp, which provides a military style exercise regime at South Hill Park on Sunday mornings.

While the sessions are free, participants often leave a post-work-out donation.

Last week the sporty pair took the cash to Poundland where they bought more than £100 worth of Christmas chocolate treats.

"We decided to do something good with the money," Mr Wilkinson explained.

"We wanted to give some chocolate to the foodbank because it's Bracknell, and it's local.

"With the current state of the economy it seemed worthwhile to take it all to once place before Christmas. To know our money had been turned into chocolate was a real sense of achievement."

The Kerrith Community Church Food Bank, which feeds hundreds of families with financial difficulties each year, was the grateful recipient of the sweet treats.

Turning to his work leading the fitness camp, Mr Wilkinson said the sense of community and giving something back was payment enough.

He continued: "I get enjoyment helping others exercise.

"The community spirit is far better than money for me."

The Bracknell Free Bootcamp will next meet at South Hill Park this Sunday at 8am. The workout will be followed by a Christmas social.