AS THE Christmas season flings itself into top gear and the ring-ting-tingle of festive songs becomes a ubiquitous delight in every public space capable of housing a tinny speaker, the anxiety of those lacking the foresight to shop early reaches fever pitch.

Fear not, tardy gift gatherer, below is a small selection of present ideas sure to dig you out of your seasonally induced slump.

Model: Adam Theofilatos.

Tornado Lava Lamp - £9.99, Clas Ohlson

For too long lava lamps have been the preserve of classy bachelors, teenage bedrooms and people living in the 1970s. No longer. This very affordable knick-knack is as fun as it is practical, bathing its immediate surroundings in a soft blue glow as small beads suspended in the gloopy liquid are tumbled into a legitimate whirlpool. Absolutely captivating.

Avanti On-Ear Headphones - £225, Moshi

One for the more discerning, more financially fecund, Moshi's latest on-ear headphones both look and sound excellent. Once unfurled from the neat carry case, a stainless steal headband suspends two angled earcups that sit snuggly on a variety of head-shapes. As well as offering deep tones and high trebles, they bring to life the spoken word with a real attention to sonic detail.

Fire7 8GB - £49.99, Amazon

Having released its first Kindle in 2007, Amazon has slowly been perfecting the hand-held reader. While it still offers a slightly more expensive version of the original, the Fire7 carves itself a niche both in terms of pricing and functionality. For the book worm, its colourful and crisp display, light frame and long battery life is ideal. For the 21st century entertainment consumer, a quad-core processor, wifi capability and two cameras makes Facebook, iPlayer and Android apps a pleasure to consume.

Helios Lite - £94.95, Moshi

Another one from Moshi, the Helios Lite is part back-pack, part laptop case. A fully padded compartment holds a 13" computer, secured by magnetic straps and custom metal buckles. To wear it is a pleasure, ultra-lightweight and durable materials sitting comfortably on the back, a water-repellent coating protecting valuables from the rain and snow.