A MAN thought to be responsible for more than 400 cat deaths appears to have claimed his fourth victim in Bracknell.

At around 2am on Saturday a cat was found dead on the Parks Estate.

Although the offender was not seen, police have said a white male in his forties is the chief suspect.

Standing between 5'8" and 5'11" tall with short brown hair and a scarred face, the man responsible is believed to be the Croydon Cat Killer, who has left mutilated bodies in his wake everywhere from south London to Northampton.

Boudicca Rising, co-founder of South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), has been recording the killings and tracking the culprit as he wends his way across the country since October 2015.

She said: "Because we keep track of all his attacks we can see the paths he's taking, the pattern he's making.

"We know he goes back to areas. Most serial killers have a pathological impulse to kill. Few display their victims however, because it is weird and it increases the risk of getting caught.

"The last killer in the UK I am aware of who arranged the bodies was the Yorkshire Ripper."

Before Saturday three felines had fallen victim to the Cat Killer in the town.

On April 19, 2017 Pepper the cat went missing, only to be found days later with his head and legs cut off.

The previous August two cats were discovered mutilated in Chisbury Close and Pyegrove Chase within weeks of one another.

Despite the prolific and brutal nature of the offender and his crime, Mrs Rising is confident he will be apprehended.

She continued: "He will be caught, without a doubt.

"He has already made a few mistakes. He has been seen now and one description has come up consistently. He was challenged in Orpington and he has also been chased."

When caught, the charity chief believes he could end up behind bars for 11 years for a series of offences including trespassing and criminal damage.

Mrs Rising concluded: "It's what needs to happen. The families need justice."

If you see a man matching the above description attempting to coax or feed a cat, fox or another animal, or attempting to enter gardens, call 999 quoting Operation Takahe. You can also call SNARL on 07957 830490 or 07961 030064.

Do not approach or try to apprehend him yourself.