AGGRIEVED residents have expressed their concerns after the council announced plans to drastically cut parking allocations for the area. 

Residents of Lime Walk, Bracknell will no longer be able to park a second car on the street or in some case any car at all.

The nearest paid parking area can cost up to £15 per day to park a car, while the next closest on-street parking is more than a mile away, and residents in on the street say they may be forced to move away.

Despite constant appeals, the council are going ahead with the restrictions to stop Lexicon shoppers from parking on the street. 

Dhammica De Silva, a Lime Walk resident said: "I just do not know what our options are. Paying £15 per day for parking is not affordable.

"One of the advantages of moving here as that we could park our cars, but now it looks as if we will have to consider our options again.

"It’s my view that we are being hemmed in by the Council and we’ll end up with no nearby on-street parking which I’m sure is bad news for house buyers & prospective tenants alike and am really disappointed."

The road is mainly taken up by families or large households and one resident, who has a big extended family says the restrictions will prevent the family from getting together.

Laura Kiley said: "This limitation will mean I’m no longer able to have a family gathering at my house at certain times of the day because they come in different cars. 

"It seems crazy that I might have to say no to my family coming over in the future and it’s quite upsetting!"

The council have said that without implementing parking restrictions, long term commuters and shoppers would quickly utilise the parking.

They claim that the restrictions are purely for the benefit of the residents who are free to use the parking unrestricted outside of paid hours.

Lewis Clapton, assistant engineer at Bracknell Forest Council said: "The Council has received numerous complaints over the last several months concerning parking levels in Lime Walk and this proposal was developed as a result of these and observed parking. 

"Whilst the Council sympathises with the residents' concerns, the scheme has been developed to curtail and control long term commuter parking that is occurring in Lime Walk."