MIRACLE twins were born a minute apart despite doctors warning that both babies may die.

Danielle Rogerson from Bracknell was told that there was only a two per cent chance of having twins through in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Teddy and Ronnie were born on September 15 at Portsmouth Queen Alexandra hospital after her local hospital was unable to deliver Teddy due to his small size.

Ms Rogerson was warned that she might lose both of her babies if she went ahead with laser ablation surgery to cure twin to twin transfusion syndrome, a rare disease seen only in just over two per cent of  twins, but both defied the odds.

Ms Rogerson said: "Doctors would tell me that there was a good chance that I would have one of my children but all along I said that for me that isn't good enough."

"We were constantly told the laser ablation was to save the bigger twin and my smaller twin may not make it due to him not growing and the dopplers not being positive.

In laser ablation, a laser beam is used to seal off some of the blood vessels in the placenta so that both babies receive a more equal supply of blood.

"The stats given to us for the success rates of the laser ablation were very low so this was an awful decision to let two parents make after receiving such devastating news. We felt as if we had the two boys lives in our hands.

"I was heartbroken to find that I may lose my babies but my mum insisted I get a second opinion, and I am so happy I did because I found an expert in TTTS who gave me that glimmer of hope that I needed."

A successful surgery gave the family hope and the babies were born extremely early at 29 weeks due to increased amniotic fluids and the smaller twins dopplers becoming absent.

Ms Rogerson added: "My journey has changed my life and I want other people who might be in the same position as me to know that there is always hope and to never get up." 

Teddy weighed only 609g  but still remains intensive care while he gains weight and is nursed to good health.

Ronnie weighed 1,42kg at birth and stayed in intensive care for 46 days but has since been discharged and doing well.