If The Lexicon is the china shop, with its upmarket fashion outlets and fancy chain restaurants, The Bull is just that, a friendly bull in a china shop.

Unafraid of its roots, but proud to embrace the new, The Bull combines the feel of ‘old Bracknell’ with The Lexicon’s new sleek style. 

Upon arriving at The Bull, we entered through the main restaurant entrance, and immediately noticed the tall ceilings, which removed any feeling of being boxed in. 

Anyone who went to The Bull pre-Lexicon will remember it being a traditional old pub, with parts still standing from the 1300s. 

That section of the pub is still evident, when you stand at the bar there are parts of the overhang that don’t look finished, but in fact have been left to look that way in homage to the public house’s roots. 

The customer service was excellent, with myself and my partner being given a guided tour of the site from the deputy manager. 

The starter we ordered was exquisite, The Bull Board, which featured a selection of cooked meats, breads and olives. 

There was plenty of food given to us which didn’t leave us with too much room for the main course, but that isn’t a complaint when the food is so good. 

For a main I chose the 28-day aged Angus sirloin steak, with triple cooked chips, roast shallot & mustard butter and watercress.

I chose it medium and it was cooked to perfection, and I can honestly say was one of the better steaks I’ve had in my life. 

The triple cooked chips were crispy and packed with flavour, and there were enough of them to not run out halfway through the meal. 

My girlfriend chose the Bull cheese burger, which was an Angus beef burger, iceberg lettuce, cheese, mayo, ketchup, ale onions & pickles. 

The size of it was much larger than we expected, and the burger fillings complemented each other to a tee. 

The facilities are beautiful, and there is even a private hire room with wi-fi and a flat-screen tv, therefore allowing it to be used by more than just the average stag-do or baby shower. 

All in all, I’d read some less-than-favourable reviews of The Bull due to the changes made, but I can honestly say it was the highlight of The Lexicon, and a crown jewel in the sparkling town centre.