THE FORMER leader of the Liberal Democrats has hit out at the Conservative council’s housing policy on a trip to borough.

Last week Ming Campbell joined Wokingham Borough Councillors from his party at Councillor Clive Jones’ house, the party’s parliamentary spokesman for the area and general election candidate in June.

The 76 year-old spoke about international affairs, Brexit and the work of Wokingham’s Conservative led council.

Sir Ming said: "There is a very simple reason why Wokingham is the lowest funded authority for education. The Conservatives won't provide the proper funding that we need.

“The number of houses being considered by the Conservatives is in danger of doubling the population of the Borough. You can't do that without the consent of the local population.

“There is a need for more social housing and we have to have the right infrastructure in place as well.

"Brexit was making life difficult. The Conservatives were totally unprepared to the result and didn't appear to making a success of the negotiations. Inflation was increasing and the pound has devalued against the dollar as a direct result of the Brexit vote pushing up prices in the shops".

The Lib Dems defence spokesperson last visited the borough in 2015.

Cllr Jones said: "Ming was very interested in local issues. He was aware that Wokingham was the worst funded Unitary authority for Education in the country and knew of the difficulties that we have with Conservatives proposed number of new houses to be built in the Borough over the next 20 years.”

Cllr Charlotte Haitham Taylor, Leader of Wokingham Borough Council, said: “The current, Labour-created education formula is unfair and doesn’t take into account the basic cost of educating children. The Government is now consulting on a new formula which would improve funding for our local schools. The Conservatives in Wokingham Borough are still actively campaigning to improve this further.

“This Council built more affordable houses last year than at any time since Labour’s recession, and we are set to double that number this year. The Liberal Democrat attitude to housing is awash with double standards. They want more affordable housing in the Borough, but want next to no new development, especially in their own wards.

“All we ever hear from the Liberal Democrats are complaints and empty promises, but never any realistic or practical solutions. As for Labour, you only have to look at the situation in Reading to see what happens when you put them in charge of things. Children’s Services in crisis, swingeing cuts to services, Council Tax and fee rises through the roof, multiple swimming pools closing, and an administration incapable of getting its spending under control – despite receiving three times as much money per head from the Government as Wokingham.

“The Conservatives in Wokingham Borough have made promises and we are delivering on them, whether it’s more affordable homes, opening new libraries and schools, refurbishing leisure centres, or delivering value for money whilst keeping Council Tax low.

“Things are always better with the Conservatives.”