AS THE council submits its proposals for a huge redrawing of the borough's ward boundaries, members in the south of the borough have put forward an alternative vision.

On Tuesday evening Royal Borough councillors voted in favour of a report recommending the number of elected representatives be reduced from 57 to 43 by the 2019 borough elections.

The paper will go to the Local Government Boundary Commission, which must consider it on equal footing with proposals from residents.

One different version comes from the members of the Ascot and Cheapside, Sunningdale, and Sunninghill and South Ascot wards, which currently send seven councillors to the Royal Borough.

If Tuesday's report is accepted, three wards would become two - Ascot and Sunninghill, and South Ascot and Sunningdale - each represented by three councillors.

Cllr Dr Lilly Evans, of Ascot and Cheapside, is one of those who thinks Sunningdale, Ascot and Sunninghill should have their own separate wards.

She said: "The communities of Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill are very distinct.

"Our is more detailed and goes into the needs of the community. We disagree with the boundaries being three member wards."

Cllr Eileen Quick, of Clewer East, said that councillors should not be concerned about keeping their communities apart in the borough.

She said: “Keeping different groups apart and the poorer and wealthier separated into their ghettos is not something we need to be concerned about.

“Our residents, hopefully, will know when they turn to their local councillor that they will be looked after.”

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is expected to have the final wards finalised by June.