A RALLY team from Ascot pushed themselves and their car to the extreme while raising thousands for charity.

Lewis Majeed along with his two teammates Alex Muller and Louisa Pensa, took their Nissan Micra across the world over the course of two months.

With their team dubbed Loose Screw Crew together they raised £2,000 for charity while participating in the mammoth task.

The team started at Goodwood race track, before travelling down to Dover, to take the ferry to France.

From there, they travelled through Europe, via Germany, Belgium, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia.

They arrived home on Friday September 8.

"We were on the road for just under two months, with not a lot of stopping in between.

"We were in a 17-year-old Nissan Micra, one of the old bubble shaped ones.

"It's not the typical car to use for a rally, but for the Mongol Rally it's actually one of the more common cars, it's quite a well proven stalwart as it were.

"I've always been very into cars and rallies, and I was looking around for product cars and things like that, and I'll be honest a few drinks were consumed, and I saw a very interesting thing on the web called the Mongol Rally.

"I chucked a text over to my friend to see if he'd be up for it, his response was 'oh my god, yes!', we spurred it on and then a few months later we had paid the entrance fee and there we were.

"The idea is to not use a satnav or a GPS, but to use maps, a compass and figure your own way through.

"It was mostly paper maps all the way."

At one point the team had to spend 27 hours on a ferry, but Mr Majeed explained that it was all worth it.

"For me, the best place we went was the Pamir Highway, which is the second highest altitude highway in the world.

"The British are crazy, we bumped into two British cyclists on the highway, and they've come all the way from Britain, and have been cycling since 2015, and won't get back until 2019.

"You can always trust the British to do something bonkers.
"It's absolutely mental. If you're bored with your life and you want to change things up and do something ridiculous, get chased by rabid dogs and eat food that's going to play hell on your digestive system, do it.

"Don't choose too good a car, the big thing about the rally is that it's got to be a challenge, it's going to put you into positions you don't usually want to be in.

"The rally wants you to break down by the side of nowhere, with no way of fixing the car, and hope and pray that someone is going to come along and save you, it's that sort of thinking."

The team have so far raised £2,171 for Doctors Without Borders, Cool Earth, and Racing Welfare, you can donate here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=LooseScrewCrew&isTeam=true