QUIET carriages could be scrapped by South Western Railway.

The rail company, which operates services from Bracknell and Wokingham to London Waterloo, has asked customers if they want to get rid of the noise reduced zones on their trains.

South Western has admitted it is "not able to police these areas as well as (it) would like and rely heavily on signage", also questioning where the lines of etiquette should be drawn.

"Do we need better rules of what is acceptable in these areas?" a poll open until Friday questions, "if a child is crying in a quiet zone, is that acceptable?"

Many commuters have weighed in on the issue.

Leigh Hatts said: "Quiet Zones are vital and one reason why I use train rather than coach. I save time by being able to work."

Matt Aikin argued: "I feel that quiet zones are useful on longer distance journeys but should be removed on short distance 'metro' trains such as those on the Windsor routes as people are not on the trains long enough for them to be worthwhile.

"If quiet zones do stay I think they need better signage on the outside of the train too, current signs are easy to miss."

To have your say, go to tinyurl.com/y7kfvnmh