A FAST food giant's plans to fell trees to make way for additional drive through facilities by an idyllic pond has been met with fury from residents.

Over the summer McDonald's submitted five applications to Bracknell Forest Council relating to its Mill Pond site on Wildridings Road.

As well as an approved request to cut down one and prune 15 trees, the burger restaurant wants to erect seven new signs and install an additional kiosk.

The building would be extended by 68sqm in total, with the drive through operation formalised rather than conducted on an ad hoc basis by staff members using hand held computers.

Residents have reacted strongly to the plans however.

Writing formally to the council Gill and Ron Kingman, from Pickering, Wildridings, said: "We are horrified to learn of McDonald's plans to extend the already intruding building.

"Whether it is erection and extension or relocating the fascia sign, we strongly, very strongly, object.

"Mill Pond is a beautiful, peaceful area for residents to wander around and enjoy seeing the wildlife in and around the small lake."

Many have taken to social media in recent weeks, bemoaning the traffic problems they believe will be made worse by the proposals.

Terry and Pat Davies, from Arncliffe in Wildridings, said: "It seems that it has been forgotten that this is a residential area and not just for Mcdonalds.

"Lots of people would love to walk in the Mill Pond area but are turned away by the long queues waiting to go to the drive through."

Kim Plumridge, of Holland Pines, said the amount of litter at the site was 'disgusting' and would only get worse.