PUPILS and teachers could be locked out of the classroom due to a lack of parents willing to join a school's committee.

Binfield Preschool has been operating for 25 years across its Memorial Hall and Jocks Lane Pavillion sites.

If willing parents do not volunteer themselves by its annual general meeting on November 1 however, the charity run, committee led school will be forced to close.

Celine Reed, former parent and current chairperson, said: "There are simply not enough people on the committee, and it has to have a minimum number of members.

"Normally it is parents but this year they don't seem to want to take on the responsibility."

Currently 20 two to five year-olds attend Binfield Preschool, despite its 55 pupil capacity.

They are taught in two and a half hour sessions by seven full time and four supply teachers.

Without committee members, pupils will be moved on and teachers will be out of a job.

"If we don't find people we will have to put the process in place to close the school," the Priestwood mum continued.

"Without the committee it simply can't run. The pupils will have to find somewhere close by to go instead and staff will be made redundant.

"I held a parents meeting last week and only three turned up."

Jocks Lane Pavilion was OFSTED inspected in 2015 and received a 'Good' rating, with Memorial Hall picking up the same ranking two years later.

If you can help Binfield Preschool keep going, email enquiries.binfieldpreschool@gmail.com