VETERANS battling with post traumatic stress disorder competed in front of large crowds in a first-of-its-kind competition on Saturday.

More than 150 gathered to watched the first PentUp modern pentathlon at Sandhurst on August 14.

Similar to the Invictus Games, which were founded by Prince Harry to give injured service men and women a sporting platform, PentUp encouraged former soldiers to take on a multi-disciplinary challenge to help overcome mental conditions developed in the forces.

Competitors started with a100 metre swim raucously cheered on by friends and relatives, immediately followed by a fencing competition.

Competitors were ranked by ability and fought eight fights each on a best out of three basis.

The 40 competitors then moved onto an 11-fence show jumping event in the shadow of Alanbrooke Hall.

All of those taking part left the field unscathed, despite a couple of riders falling.

Lastly, the PentUp athletes and fans congregated at the Qaboos Pavilion to take part in a 1km run and shoot.

Following a rapid change of clothing, 220 guests and competitors enjoyed a four course black tie dinner hosted by the BBC's John Inverdale, with Love Islander Camilla Thurlow on hand to help with fundraising and the charity auction.

The overall winner of the first PentUp was Lee Ormerod of the Royal Marines Commando, followed by privateer Richard Wallman in second and Army pentathlete Ed Tusting in third.

Harry Card, a 34 year-old from Kent, was one participant who struggled after leaving the army following service in the Iraq War.

When a close friend committed suicide, he began to suffer from depression and PTSD, ending up searching out the highs of the military through organised crime.

Now free from a four year and four month sentence for cannabis smuggling, Mr Card has found a new lease of life with PentUp.

"My wife says it's doing me wonders," he said.

"She says I'm happier. I'm now part of something and it's with people who have had similar experiences, so I don't have to hide anything. I feel safe, as the other people understand it.

"Horse riding, fencing... I can’t believe I'm saying this, but I'm loving it."

On Saturday Mr Card led the Fusiliers to the team trophy.

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