A TRAFFIC campaigner is unhappy with the council's attempt to slow down drivers on the road where a young girl was recently hit.

On June 30 at 8.40am emergency services were called to Bull Lane where an eight year-old had been struck by a car, causing arm injuries.

She was taken to hospital leaving Daniel Knight, a dad who lives on the road, furious that his calls for traffic calming measures had not been heeded.

The personal trainer said cars sped off the dual carriageway onto the road, travelling up to 70 mph past Garth Hill and Sandy Lane schools.

In August Bracknell Forest Council installed a warning sign with an advisory 20mph speed limit and advertised a proposal to introduce part-time 'no loading' restrictions on Bull Lane.

Mr Knight, who puts cones outside his house to stem the traffic flow each morning, is not convinced enough has been done.

He said: "Cars are still driving at ridiculous speeds up the road.

"Parents will still continue to drop their children along this road which is fast and dangerous, and when someone gets hit again the council will just pass the blame saying they put in no loading zones for that reason.

"We have had loads of issues along this road with no permit holders using residents only parking bays.

"It's only a matter of time before something terrible happens again out there."

Andrew Hunter, chief officer for planning, transport and countryside, outlined the measures that had been put in place.

"To alleviate concerns and build on the pedestrian and cycle improvements made on Bull Lane, we have introduced a number of road safety measures," he said.

"These include new warning signs with an advisory 20mph limit in Bull Lane and in the vicinity of both Garth Hill College and Sandy Lane Primary School.

“We have also recently advertised a proposal to introduce some part-time 'No Loading' restrictions within Bull Lane, to further help with congestion related to school pick up and drop off . We are currently considering the responses we have received to date."