THE Lexicon is filled with a wide range of high-tier restaurants, from Fuego, tucked as it is at the top of Fenwick, to the freshly refurbished and starkly modernised Bull on the High Street. Bill’s, on Braccan Walk, sets the bar high.

The restaurant is located on the corner opposite Primark, and has a nice outdoor area, as well as a cosy interior.

Away from the speciality restaurants elsewhere in the development, Bill’s is something of a gastronomic everyman.

Bill himself opened the first branch in the East Sussex town of Lewes, after a flood in 2000 wrecked his fruit and vegetable stall, forcing him to re-think his business strategy. 

What quickly emerged became something of a phenomenon and a template for thousands of restaurants that followed in its footsteps.

Fresh produce stacked high in wooden pallets offered a rustic feel, the perfect amuse-bouche to the full bodied, flavour ridden delights that found its way onto your table. 

Over the past 15 years Bill’s has become a huge brand, dropping its 82nd outlet into the shiny new centre of Bracknell. 

Thankfully, what originally made Bill’s great has not been lost in the upscaling. 

From the outset our server was extremely friendly and welcoming, recommending two excellent starters.

My mini Cumberland sausages were packed with flavour, and came with a side of Dijon mustard, which complimented the taste exquisitely.

Sometimes you will find starters are simply a small offering of food that you do not even really notice eating, however with these, it was like a main course in its own right.

My partner’s calamari was cooked perfectly and battered well enough to not be too moist, but not crack apart whenever you touched it.

Our main courses showed the diversity of the restaurant. My date chose a gnocchi accompanied by prawns, and I had a buttermilk chicken burger with bacon and sweet potato fries.

I was not expecting the sweet potato fries, but it was a welcome surprise, and went well with the sauce inside the burger, a saucer of which was on the side of the plate.

The gnocchi and prawns were cooked perfectly, and was better than the gnocchi we had enjoyed in Milan a few months ago.

The burger came filled with coleslaw, salad and a sauce which was spicy enough to notice, but did not overpower the rest of the burger.

The restaurant manager was pleasant throughout the evening, and greeted everyone as they stepped through the door.

Overall, Bill’s is highly recommended, and has something for everyone.

Bill’s can be found at 20 Braccan Walk, Bracknell, RG12 1BE. Call 01344 868987 to book a table.