RESIDENTS of a new housing development have been stuck with unfinished roads festooned with weeds and uncovered drains.

In 2014 Daniel Brunt moved into a home in Jennett's Park, a suburb to the south west of Bracknell.

He noticed that the roads and pavements were in a bad shape, and sought assurance from the estate's developers that the work was soon to be completed.

Three years later, and nothing has been done.

"We purchased the house in August 2014 and they still haven't finished the pavements," Mr Brunt explained.

"All the drains are still exposed so when you walk along the path you trip up.

"Weeds are growing down the roads because they are not finished.

"They have a responsibility to complete it."

A spokesperson for Redrow Homes Southern Counties, the developers behind Jennett's Park, said the situation was being monitored but gave no explanation as to why the work had not been completed thus far.

They said: "We are aware of the situation with regards to the footpath maintenance at Jennett's Park, and would like to reassure all residents that we are working to rectify this issue as quickly as possible.

"These works exist as part of the ongoing build programme of the consortium site with other developers, we are therefore working with the necessary partners and contractors on site to ensure these works are carried out as promptly as possible, at minimal disruption to the existing residents.”