HOLIDAYMAKERS from Wokingham were caught up in the devastating Hurricane Irma, the town's MP has revealed.

On Saturday John Redwood was contacted regarding two constituents located on a Caribbean islands.

The duo, who are 'alive and unharmed', were trapped in one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the Atlantic, which killed at least 37 people in the Carribean and rendered thousands more homeless.

With Irma now past the island chain the pair have been flown to mainland USA on a military flight and are hoping to take a commercial plane back home.

Mr Redwood wrote: "I have only heard of two constituents who are said to be alive and unharmed but stuck on a holiday island that has been wrecked by the hurricane.

"When I got the message yesterday (Saturday) I contacted the Foreign Office website and hotline. They told me of the immediate plans to send in supplies and personnel to the UK related islands, and to work with the French and Dutch who will do the same for the islands under their protection.

"They had no plans to help get people home yet. They urged my constituents to contact the local government on the island concerned, which in this case is not a UK related island, for further guidance."

Mr Redwood later announced the couple had been flown to safety.

It was announced this morning (Tuesday) that foreign secretary Boris Johnson is to visit the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla, two British oversees territories badly battered by the storm.

Mr Redwood continued: "I want the UK government to help the private sector and the governments of the islands to plan for the safe passage home of all those UK tourists, business people and others who want to get back after their harrowing time with the disaster.

"I have therefore written to both the Minister of State in charge, Sir Alan Duncan, and to the Foreign Secretary urging them to consider this and make more advice and help available as soon as possible.

"I appreciate airports and seaports have in many cases been damaged and the weather still presents hazards to shipping and planes, but those stuck would like to know someone is planning to recreate some transport links that can work soon."