THE COUNCILLOR who spearheaded The Lexicon project has dismissed calls for him to become leader as 'embarrassing'.

With positive public sentiment pouring out on Thursday as The Lexicon was officially unveiled, one man in particular found himself the beneficiary of the good will.

As executive member for economic development and regeneration, Marc Brunel-Walker has been the public face of the town centre project for the past five years, relentlessly engaging with residents and fielding difficult questions via social media.

His commitment has not gone unnoticed by those enamoured by Bracknell's new shopping experience, with many calling on the councillor to be elected leader.

Amongst them was David Luck who said: "During his involvement with the town regeneration he has proven him self as the most approachable, open and transparent member of the council who has made huge efforts to be inclusive of all residents of the town while proving he has the ability to accept criticism and address people's issues.

"Many members of the community have no doubt that he would make a great leader of the council and as such the other members should take note when they next elect their leader."

On Thursday morning however, Cllr Brunel-Walker killed off all notions of a leadership bid.

"It's really embarrassing," he said.

"Councillor Bettison is leader of the council and does an amazing job. He is one of the longest serving leaders of a unitary authority in the country.

"I don't think anyone has any interest in toppling him. He does an amazing job.

"He has outlasted all the leaders in the surrounding areas. The Lexicon is an example of a successful private public partnership and this is because of the leadership of the council."

Cllr Brunel-Walker went on to speak about the significance of the day for Bracknell.

"It is incredible," he continued.

"There are thousands of people here and the reactions on their faces is amazing. It's everything we hoped for and a hell of a lot more.

"I think we now have a really powerful thing to be proud of. For too long people in the surrounding towns looked down on us because we didn't have a better shopping experience. Now we have something.

"I think is better than anywhere else and we have put ourselves back on the map. This is something the residents have been waiting on for 20 or 30 years."