APPROVED plans for a large development will go back in front of the council after it emerged the public were not properly consulted.

In June Bracknell Forest Councillors approved plans to build 130 homes on Cricket Field Grove in Crowthorne.

Unfortunately for the developers, a revision to the plans changing the access road to the build was tabled after the consultation period.

A second consultation was not undertaken as legally required however, meaning June's rubber stamping had to be undone until the public had been addressed.

Anita Gaskell was one Crowthorne resident unhappy with the alterations to the development.

"The estate is quite a change for existing residents, and the plans were changed so a middle exit now opens up right in front of my house," she said.

"I think this is another example of Bracknell Forest Council not giving one thought to existing residents.

"I only saw the plan change by chance. It turns out the whole thing had been passed and no one was consulted.

"It's just another example of the council steamrolling ahead with building and offering no consideration to existing residents of areas."

Five objections were sent during the second consultation period, with the plans to go before the planning committee on September 14.

Max Baker, head of the planning, said: "Further consultation letters were sent out on 10 August relating to the change in plans.

"The decision on this application has not yet been issued, and before it is the responses to the further consultation will be reported to the Planning Committee.

"A decision on the application will not be made until these processes have been followed."