As everybody knows, 10am on September 7, 2017 was when Bracknell was handed back its town centre.

What may not be known however, are some of the other vital statistics behind the £240 million pound regeneration project.

Since planning permission was granted in 2010, 580,000 sq ft of shops, restaurants and leisure facility have been built, in particular, 70 new shops and restaurants and 12 cinema screens, helping to produce 3,500 new jobs.

Such amenities have required great feats of engineering and a huge amount of materials, including 4,200 tonnes of steel.

To offer a streak of green to the otherwise concrete-heavy build, 102 trees, 11,470 shrubs and perennials, 180 metres of hedges, 2,400 sqm of meadow grass and 4,800 sqm of short mowed grass has been planted, with 185 sqm of green walls and 1,890 sqm of ivy screens partitioning the set up.

And so people can actually visit the centre, 488 bike racks and 3,500 car parking spaces have been put in place.

The sum total of all these numbers is one Lexicon, and one town centre for the people of Bracknell.